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A meeting of CCCT trustees
Phil and Margaret Bradshaw
Celebration's UK office is maintained by Phil & Margaret Bradshaw SCC

The Community of Celebration Christian Trust was set up in 1973 to support the Community of Celebration in Britain.

Its object is 'to promote the Christian religion', which it does through its support of Community of Celebration members in the UK. They promote the Christian faith in the course of their life and ministry.

In the 1970s and 80s the Trust supported the Fisherfolk, whose ministry and worship was influential both in Britain and worldwide. When numbers declined in the mid 80s, it supported a smaller Community of Celebration based near London's Gatwick airport and linked with the Community of Celebration at Aliquippa, near Pittsburgh USA.

Today the Trust continues as a witness to the heritage of the Community of Celebration through its Celebration UK House. Community members Phil and Margaret Bradshaw, 'on detached service', maintain the Trust's office here and the website. They publish a newsletter twice yearly.



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