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Work is an essential part of the daily rhythm of life in the Community.

The Community office (main entrance pictured top right, on the left of the photo, with the chapel and entrance to lounge and dining area in the background) keeps office hours Monday to Friday.

This is the hub for the administration of the Community, dealing with a range of matters such as financial affairs, relations with outside bodies, guest administration, the administration of ministry, music and copyright, sales of CDs and other material.

A large plant also requires constant practical maintenance. This ranges from simple but important details such as replacing flowers in the chapel to major remodelling work (see bottom right picture).

All Community houses require maintenance, but some are let to local people at a reasonable rent as part of the Community's witness in the town. Management of rental agreements can be time consuming, requiring both practical interventions and interaction with tenants.

In addition to those working at the Community centre, there have always been some members whose primary job is elsewhere - for example, at the nearby Episcopal Church theological seminary, or in the chaplaincy work with the F.B.I.

Such jobs help to support the Community financially, but more importantly they are a means of reaching out into the wider world, both religious and secular, and of making a contribution to it.

Office entrance
Entrance to Community office with chapel in the background
Work in the office
Some members work in the local community, others in the office.
Remodelling work
Maintaining and improving the property is a full time job.

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