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The Community offers a number of ministries, both to the church and in the town.

An annual conference, to which an outside speaker is normally invited, is especially popular with friends of the Community who welcome the opportunity to visit.

The facilities are available to youth groups, who may choose to run their own programme but also participate in the Community's life.

Women's ministry, funded by grants, teaches basic skills such as sewing or knitting to prisoners on day release from the local prison.

The Community supports or works in partnership with others, particularly the Church Army who are involved in a variety of initiatives in Aliquippa. One such project is the conversion of a derelict building into a cafe and community centre.

Although travelling ministry is more limited than in past years, the Community continues to offer Come Celebrate! weekends, working with churches in their worship life.

Facilities are also available for retreats, both individually or as a group. Others may simply wish to visit as guests, for longer or shorter periods. Examples of a longer stay include sabbaticals or gap years.

The Community is also involved in networking with other communities and groups.

Conference group
Conferernce group
youth group
A church youth group

women's ministry
Women's ministry

Church Army cafe

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