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  Family life
Mimi Farra Bill Farra Mimi & Bill Farra row houses

The Community occupies a row of properties on Franklin Avenue, the main street of Aliquippa in western Pennsylvania, USA. Life vowed members (left) are at the core, but the Community includes a variety of others - family members, guests, friends and fellow workers, long term residents - who all contribute to common life.
Steven McKeown May McKeown Steven & May McKeown
Joe Beckey James von Minden Joe Beckey & James von Minden

Family life is a rhythm of daily prayer, weekly eucharist and common meals. Work is also an essential element, either on site or elsewhere in the locality. Children have grown up in the Community and there are still children involved in its life today. Overall, the Community aims to be a presence of hope in a town still trying to recover from the collapse of the steel industry two decades ago.

Meal outside Meal inside Soccer
Common meals outside... ...and indoors Soccer in the back garden



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