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Celebration UK house sends out its newsletter twice a year, as does the Community of Celebration at Aliquippa. Click a title to read some articles by Phil Bradshaw, or visit the archive to view past issues of Celebration LINK, newsletter of Celebration's UK house.


Community. There are many types of community, and Christians themselves pursue it for different reasons. For the Community of Celebration, it is a way of being the church.

What's in a name? Why was the Community of Celebration so called? Because we celebrate the whole of life, both the joy and the pain. Each person is a gift, and their gift is celebrated.

Stability. A vow of stability does not sound demanding. But its underlying principles of commitment, balance and willingness to manage change will require all our resources for discipleship.

Conversion. Many people think of conversion as a one off event, or at least something that is complete when we become church members. In community, it is a never ending, life-long process.

Then and Now. Many communities, like ours, sprang up in the 60s and 70s. At the time, they were an exciting 'new thing'. But 30 years on, what is their relevance to the church today?

Diversity in Worship. Many different styles of worship are available today. Churches often struggle to reconcile different tastes and preferences. But what are they really aiming for? And what is the real function of worship?

Religion and the Modern World View. Although Christians critique society, they are part of its world view. We must engage with it if we are to avoid living in a religious cocoon. When we do, even core beliefs about Jesus' death on the cross can acquire fresh significance.

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